Quartet Belts Into Impromptu Song To Entertain Passengers In Delayed Flight

Delayed flights could be a pain in the neck. Most especially if the announcement was made after you have boarded the plane.

And this is what happened to one flight from Indianapolis headed to New Orleans. Everyone was excited to board the flight that would take only an hour to bring them to their destination. Passengers were already seated when they were informed that maintenance had to be done on the plane so their flight was pushed back a few hours.

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Just imagine how the people reacted afterwards. Many were already grumbling and complaining and it would have been a very stressful wait if not for one flight attendant’s ingenuity to help ease away the passengers’ discomfort.

Kari Mann from US Airways went from seat to seat to ask how the passengers are after the announcement was made. During her rounds, she came upon a group of passengers who happen to be a quartet. And not just any type of quartet at that. On board the plane was the barbershop quartet from Maine called Port City Sound.

Kari approached the quartet formed by Walt Dowling, Jim Curtis, Jim Simpson and Fred Moore and asked if they would be willing to sing a few songs while the wait for the flight is on-going so as to keep the other passengers entertained.

The four willingly obliged and soon as they started singing, some passengers whipped out their mobile phones and began recording the performance. Even Kari took time to capture the whole thing on video, which she shared on her Facebook and Youtube accounts.

The flight attendant was so grateful as the passengers’ were eased with the group’s impromptu singing. In spite of the flight taking up longer than usual – five hours at that, most passengers were in good spirits after seeing the performance and were pleasant for the remainder of the trip.

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