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Random Ways Couples Can Grow Closer to Each Other

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There’s always going to be a point in a relationship where couples may feel that they’re drifting apart. When the romance is gone, that is what might happen. So to prevent this from occurring, couple should be vigilant in keeping the sparks between them alive. Here are some ways couples can grow even closer and more in-love with each other.

1. Lavish each other with attention during a totally random, non-special day.

Holidays are always a great time for couples to express their sweetness and affection for each other, but what happens when it’s no longer a holiday or you are not celebrating a special day? You should realize that a display of affection on a totally random day can create more impact to your partner. Even simple moves like sending e-cards to your partner’s email without any prompt is going to be real effective. So think of ways, even simple ones to pamper your partners for a day, and you’ll sure bring the level of closeness between the two of you up a notch.

2. Fill your cupboards and fridge with stuff that your partner likes.

Preparing meals for someone can be romantic, but stocking a fridge full of their favourites is a sure-fire way of carving a smile on their lips to their hearts.

3. Agree on a “stop” word for future fights and disagreements.

Even the most stable couples and compatible persons get into fights at times. That being said, both of you should be mindful of how you treat each other during those bouts. By agreeing on a “stop” word—a word that can be said by either party during mid-fight to alert you both that things are getting out of hand and you need to take a pause on things. It will give you the perfect opportunity to think clearly, choose wisely, and remind yourselves that things between you were once great and that it can get there again.

4. Share a few excerpts from your diary.

A diary (or a journal) is considered a private property—a safe place where one can document one’s secret desires, troubles, and other intimate thoughts. It is not something that is compiled with the intent of having anyone else to view it. And it’s an unwise move to be viewing someone else’s private property without their permission. But because a record of someone’s life is precious, sharing even a few excerpts from your journal to a special person can already be considered a grand gesture. Doing this move will definitely make your bond a bit tighter and your relationship more rewarding.

5. Do something nice for each other’s parents.

A lot of people have soft spots for their parents. When parents are happy for us, it’s not hard to feel happy with life in general. So if you’re serious with your partner, you better start taking their parents’ happiness into consideration too. You don’t have to do something big, just letting them know that you’re there and you’re thinking of them is enough. By doing this, you’ll create a ripple effect of nice vibes that can reverberate positively into your relationship with your partner.

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