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Relationship Firsts that Let You Know You’re With the Right Partner

At some point in every new relationship fostered, it becomes essential that each partner remove that veil of attractiveness that you’ve surrounded yourselves with and let each other see what kind of persons you both really are (and hopefully after you’re done doing this, the other person is still sticking around). Below are some relationship firsts that will let you know that you’re indeed with the right person.
1. The first time you got sick with your bf/gf around. You can’t remember how many times you almost threw all your insides out and you’re almost swimming in your own pile of nasty vomit. If you have survived this episode and your partner is still around, then they’re most definitely a keeper.

2. The first time you hang out together in complete silence and it turned out not awkward at all. Instead, both of you revelled on how comfortable it is to be next to each other even when none of you is speaking a word.

3. The first time you thought that you like this person more than you like anyone else. That you’re willing to risk your life and limbs just to be with them. That even though they’re sometimes moody, or inconsistent, and can be downright insane, you’ll still be willing to be next to them.

4. The first time you strip naked in front of each other and you haven’t felt self-conscious or insecure at all.

5. The first time you felt that you can just be yourself with this person more than with anybody else—no pretentions, no gimmicks.

6. The first time that you confide in them your deepest insecurities and darkest secrets and haven’t heard any judgments from them. They just listened to you patiently and kissed your worries away making you feel safer than ever.

7. The first time you spent a weekend apart and felt incredibly at a loss because you are missing them terribly.

8. The first time you looked at them and actually thought that you could spend forever with them.

9. The first time that you felt that you two have a connection you can’t possibly define—it’s like he/she is an extension of you.

10. The first time that you were actually tempted to go astray, but then again thought that what you have currently is a beautiful thing and can only happen once in your lifetime.

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