Santa Surprised Hearing-Impaired Girl With Sign Language

Kids are often delighted with the chance to sit in Santa’s lap and whisper your Christmas wish to him personally. But not everyone was fortunate enough to get that chance.

For years, a hearing impaired 6-year old girl named Sadie Adams had to convey her message to Santa every Christmas with the use of an interpreter, making the moment lose its magic. But last year was different.

For 15 years, Westminster, Massachusetts Police Chief Salvatore Albert played the role of Santa Clause in the mall. For him, it was always a delight speaking to children who eagerly tell him their wishes for Christmas. But in all those years, he’s never had a chance to interact with a deaf child. Sadie’s mom, Ronelle, approached Albert and asked if he would be willing to learn sign language so he could speak with her daughter. The police chief was happy to oblige.

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Albert recalled the moment Adams saw him doing the sign language. She was dumbfounded!

He said, “Once I started doing some sign language, she got to the top of the stairs and she was in awe. She stopped, her eyes were bright, wide open.” He added, “It was amazing to see the smile on her face and her eyes wide open with joy that Santa knew sign language. I am going to try to learn more for next year.”

Ronelle was just too happy for her child. “I knew she’d be surprised, so I was just so happy, and I instantly started tearing,” she recounted. She approached Albert a few days before Sadie met him to teach him enough to be able to communicate with Sadie. The two talked for about an hour and while it was not enough for the 6-year old, it left a lasting memory on her. She added, “Just the other night we were sitting here watching the Grinch and she said, ‘you know Santa knows my name, right?’ She still remembers and she still talks about it.”

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