Scuba Diver Finds Owner Of a Lost Ring Through Social Media Post That Went Viral

Three months after a 21-year old scuba diver launched a campaign on social media to find the owner of a ring he found while diving, his search has finally ended.

Roark was in the coast of Playa Del Carmen in the Yucatan Peninsula when he saw the gold band while exploring the beautiful sights underwater.  The ring was engraved with the name ‘Jessica’ along with the numbers 16 02 13 and the letters TYYJCEM. Believing that the owner must be looking for the meaningful piece of jewelry, Roark set a post in social networking site, Facebook, to search for its owner with the hashtag #thelostweddingband. He wrote, “Ok, so while scuba diving around Playa Reef, Playa Del Carmen last week, I happened to find this ring.” He added, “Unfortunately there is no way for me to know whether it was lost or intentionally thrown into the ocean. Assuming it was the latter, I’d like to find the owner so I can send it to them.” The 21-year old finished his post with a description of the ring, an email address they could contact him and an appeal to make his post viral. It has since been shared 200,000 times, thanks to the help of George Takei’s page where the post was shared. It raked in 125,000 shares after being seen on Takei’s Facebook timeline.

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It was not a breeze searching for the owners. Roark spent more than four hours a day following leads. It also did not help that there were some people who falsely claimed the ring. So when a woman sent Roark a message on Facebook telling him the ring belongs to her cousin, he was skeptical. The woman sent a photo of the ring to confirm her claim.

The couple, Martin and Jessica Castillo, was on their honeymoon. Jessica lost the jewelry after diving off Barracuda Point.  The two gave it up as a lost cause after a five-hour search of the area yielded no ring. To prove Roark that they are indeed the owner of the piece of jewelry, they sent him a receipt from the jeweler they bought it from, which verified the engravings inside the ring. Both Jessica and Martin are delighted to finally reunite with a symbol of their marriage vows. This story only proves that nothing is impossible now with the help of the Internet.

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