Sentenced To Death By Owner, Bela The German Shepherd Gets New Lease On Life But Cut Short By Cancer

Some would say it’s a blessing in disguise while others would say it’s such a shame that while Bela the German Shepherd was given a second lease in life, it wasn’t a long time before she had to be put down.

Bela caught the attention of many dog-lovers and animal activists last November because of her unusual situation.

The 105-pound dog was the pet of Connie Ley from Aurora, Indiana. In November 2014, Connie passed away leaving Bela alone. The woman left a will in which it was indicated what would be the German Shepherd’s fate in the event of her passing.

Connie’s wishes were very clear – in the event of her death, Bela could be taken to Best Friends Animal Society, a no-kill shelter located in Utah, to be put up for adoption.

However, Connie did not have enough money to transport Bela 1,700 miles to Utah. This left her owner’s attorney with no option but to explore the other choice stated on her will.

If the German Shepherd would not be taken to the no-kill shelter, then Bela would be put down to death and cremated so their ashes could be together.

Upon hearing this, dog-lovers and animal activists all rallied to ensure Bela is saved and taken to the adoption facility.

The no-kill shelter was not contacted by Connie before her death and only learned of the dilemma in social networking site, Twitter.

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Best Friends Animal Society welcomed Bela to their facility on Christmas Eve.

It should have been an “all’s well that ends well” story by then.

However, it seemed that Bela was not meant to be parted from her owner, who almost handed her a death sentence, for a long time.

A month after she arrived, caretakers noticed that her abdomen was swollen and was having a hard time breathing. Upon the veterinarians’ checking, it was discovered that the 9-year old German Shepherd had a tumor which was progressing aggressively.

They sadly decided to put her down.

In honor of her owner’s last wish, Bela was cremated and her ashes sent back to Indiana to be reunited with her human, Connie, for the last time.

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