The Simple yet Educational Idea behind this Amazing Visual Performance of Interactive Sandbox

As children, it is very fun playing in a sandbox. Making tunnels, volcanoes, and rivers in the sand was quite fun and allowed us to use our imagination.

sandbox1image source

A couple of imaginative minds at UC Davis came up with a way to bring those imaginary landscapes to life with 3D projection technology…and it’s interactive! This is simply amazing. Its interactive sandbox responds to your actions, and can be built at home using common-place technology. All it takes is a digital projector and a Kinect. The projector displays an interactive topographic map, with contour and elevation in real-time. You can make hills and valleys, and the computer changes the projection to match the landscape! Museums around the world are starting to create their own interactive sandbox. It’s not only fun… it’s a great way to teach kids about geography!

sandbox2image source

sandbox3image source

sandbox4image source

sandbox5image source

Did you ever wish your sandbox creations could come to life? Check Video to be amaze




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