The Story of a Man Who Refuses to Wear Pants and Only Puts on Skirts or Dresses

In KINESHMA, RUSSIA, 44-year-old Vladimir Fomin become somewhat famous in his country after he was expelled from the University of Mathematics for refusing to wear pants and walking around in women’s clothing.


Vladimir certainly isn’t the only man in the world who wears skirts. In fact some traditional cultures require men to wear skirt-like garments, although, what made him stand out from all men who prefer skirt over pants is his unique reasons. According to him, he is not gay nor a transvestite, nor does it for publicity. He just wants to stand up for the rights of men to wear whatever kind of clothes they like. For him if women are allowed to wear pants, there’s nothing weird with men wearing dresses or skirts.


Unfortunately, his ideology has brought him nothing but trouble.

Vladimir is one of the brightest students at the Ivanovo University of Mathematics but he was expelled because of his fashion choices and was shunned by most of his friends and relatives. He was verbally abused and beaten by locals in his home town for walking around in women’s clothes. He is also unemployed because no one will hire a man wearing skirts and dresses. Right now his only source of income is the vegetables he plants in his garden and that he sells at the market every day.


Vladimir Fromin claims that if he was looking for fame, he could have achieved it in the fields of mathematics and science, but instead decided to give up on his career dreams in order to fight for what he believes in.

Still, nothing has stopped him from fighting for what he believes in. He hopes one day he’ll be able to walk around in his skirts without being discriminated.

All photos are from Vladimir Fromin’s VKontakte page

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