Talented Barista Turns Regular Lattes In Unique Works Of Art

There are days when only a hot cup of joe would do the trick for you. Sluggish and sleepy, you walk to your nearest coffee shop and order a simple latte to help perk you up.

Only, it’s not as simple as you think.

Andrew Alcala is a barista at the Coffee Commissary in Burbank. And lattes are his specialty. But these lattes are not just any kind. Andrew turns one simple cup into art.  The Champion Latte Artist does just about any kind of art in a cup of latte with the use of milk foam. Check out his wonderful creations below.

  1. A Tulip

No need to go to Holland to catch these beauty, it’s right there in your cup!

latte art 01image source


  1. A Flower

If tulips are not your style, you can probably request for a different kind of flower like this one to brighten your day.

latte art 02image source


  1. An Intricate Pattern

For architects, engineers and other people looking for inspiration, just look at your cup and your creative juices would start to flow.

latte art 03image source


  1. A Bear

Seems like Goldilocks is missing one of her bears and lost it in a cup of latte.

latte art 04image source


  1. A Scorpion

This isn’t exactly appetizing but you got to admire the detail of the scorpion’s body.

latte art 05image source


  1. A Dragon

Daenarys might be going crazy looking for her long-lost dragon and Andrew just hid it in this cup.

latte art 06image source


  1. A Swan

This used to be an ugly duckling that decided to take a swim in a cup of coffee. Now it has turned into a beautiful swan.

latte art 07image source


  1. “Mother’s Day” Cup

Surprise your mom with her favorite cup of coffee on Mother’s Day. And perhaps in any other day. She’ll thank you for it.

latte art 08image source


  1. “Thanks For The Tip”

A show of gratitude for the patrons who leave tips for their favorite baristas.

latte art 09   image source


10.  A Snowflake

Perfect for a cold Christmas Day.

latte art 10image source


11.  Skull And Bones

Don’t be scared, it’s not poison. Andrew’s just probably honoring ‘tha thug life.’

latte art 11image source


      12.  Pac-Man

Take your favorite childhood video game with you with this Pac-Man cup of latte.

latte art 12image source

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