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The Healthy benefits of Being Addicted to Coffee

Understandably, coffee gets such a bad reputation for keeping you awake at night and giving you palpitations, but when you think hard about it, coffee comes with an array of health benefits, making it well—good for you. Yes that’s right, coffee not only helps give you that extra boost of energy making you more productive, it also improves your chances in your fight against certain diseases like Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s, and liver diseases. With these facts, now you don’t have to feel that much guilty when you gulp down your morning latte. In truth, recent studies have shown that a second cup of coffee wouldn’t hurt you either and may even be more beneficial for you in the long run.

A study made involving 25,000 coffee drinkers has showed that consuming three to five cups of coffee in a day may help decrease the risk of developing a heart disease. While downing four cups of coffee on a daily basis was proven to be effective in moderately reducing one’s risk for developing multiple sclerosis and melanoma.
But hey, before you go running down your favourite coffee nook for a venti mocha, you should know that those studies mentioned above were pertaining to plain black coffee– not the coffee topped with whipped cream while dripping with caramel sauce.
Probably one of the main reasons why coffee gets a negative rap is because people add too much sugar in it, cancelling all the potential benefits it can provide with all those extra calories. And of course, if you already know that you have sleeping problems, then you should be careful of how much caffeine you are going to consume.

If you get headaches, palpitations or generally becomes too jittery from drinking a cup of your regular joe, that’s probably because of the toxic residues left from the pesticides used on the coffee beans and not from the coffee itself. Organic coffee beans will often not leave you with a feeling like that. Try downing coffee before you hit the gym and find out how much further you can go. Coffee ups your metabolism rates, ergo helping your body to burn more calories long after your gym routines are over.

For a lot of people, coffee is a necessity. And as long as you steer clear of the sugary variants, it can help you prolong your life, just like what an existing study has already revealed. So go ahead, grab a cup of coffee and help yourself get healthy.

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