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Things That Should Come Out of Your Mouth More Often

When it comes to dieting, it’s important to carefully mind what you put in your mouth. But in terms of making the world a better place, you have to make sure that you pay special attention to what comes out it.

The words you say have the power to cultivate relationships, heal broken hearts and change lives. Below you can find some words or phrases that you should say more often.

“My Bad”

It can be very difficult most of the time to admit that you’re the one responsible for an unfavorable circumstance or outcome. Sure it’s easier to simply put the blame on other people or external factors. Having the initiative and guts to admit your mistake can be challenging, but saying sorry is a great way to build trust and save someone’s butt.

“I Forgive You”

Forgiving someone is actually a show of strength. It takes a lot of courage and effort on your part to let go of resentments and pardon a wrongdoer. Forgiving someone is not just a positive act you give another human being, but also a huge favor that you bestow upon yourself. It’s a great way to give both parties some peace of mind.

“Thank You”

No matter how small or big the favor given onto you, it pays to show your appreciation. Saying “thank you” is a great way to demonstrate that you acknowledge the act of kindness given to you and that you appreciate it. A show of gratitude is a win-win situation — it brightens someone’s day and makes you feel really good inside.

“I Feel Where You’re Coming From”

You can’t expect everybody to have the same opinion as yours. Whether at home or in the workplace, there will be situations or conversation when someone thinks otherwise. Refrain from seeing this as an opportunity to squabble. Instead, allow the individual to explain why he or she holds such opinion and opt for a more constructive conversation after.


This word may consist only of a couple of letters but it’s one of the most significant and powerful words in the English language. Most especially if you mean it, saying “no” helps build your self-confidence and set your priorities straight. More importantly, this particular word makes your “yes” valued more by individuals around you.

“I Love You”

Consider yourself lucky if you have every opportunity in the world to express how much you love someone as not all people are blessed with the chance to do so. These three words is food for the soul — yours and the recipient’s. Scared that you won’t get reciprocation? It’s okay. At least you’re being honest, compassionate and expressive.


There are times when it is best if no word ever comes out of your mouth. Whether you don’t want any argument or you wish to not hurt someone’s feeling, keeping your mouth shut may be one of the smartest things to do. More often than not, silence packs more meaning than words you don’t really mean.

Are there other words or phrases you feel should be said more often? Do say!


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