This Is What Famous Celebrities Looks Like Without Their Shiny White Teeth, Miley Cyrus And One Direction Looks Freakingly Hilarious!

Toothless Superstar Selfie From 2014 Academy Awards

Aside from having a good face and body, celebrities must take good care of their teeth too. Why? because it’s one of their best asset and without it, they would look like entirely different. How different? let the below photos show you. Enjoy!

Beyoncé Knowles

I bet Jay-Z won’t allow this to happen.

Toothless Beyonce

Kim Kardashian

One word – freakingly hilarious!

Toothless Kim Kardashian

Miley Cyrus

I think if she will see this photo of her toothless, she might go for it, for a change! LOL!

Toothless Miley

Kristen Stewart

Do you think that famous vampire will still love her without her teeth?

Toothless Kristen Stewart

Nicki Minaj

Well… what can you say?

Toothless Nicki Minaj

Andrew Garfield

Even his SPIDEY SENSE can’t save his teeth :).

Toothless Andrew Garfield

Adam Levine

Sexiest Man Alive no more…

Toothless Adam Levine


I wonder how he sounds like without his teeth on.

Toothless Drake

George Clooney

Even Mr. Clooney doesn’t escape this toothless celebs list.

Toothless George Clooney

Jennifer Lopez

Well, at least she still got her nice behind :).

Toothless Jennifer Lopez

Justin Timberlake

Toothless Justin Timberlake

Leonardo DiCaprio

Do you think that seeing him toothless is much more possible than seeing him winning an Academy Award? Poor Leo.

Toothless Leonardo DiCaprio

Zac Efron

He still got good looks even without his tooth. Agree?

Toothless Zac Efron

And for the toothless group photos, here you go!

One Direction

Will you still love (or hate?) them?

Toothless One Direction

All Star Selfie From 2014 Academy Awards

This will receive more re-tweets, shares and likes, I am confident about that!

Toothless Superstar Selfie From 2014 Academy Awards

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