Top 5 Holiday Money-saving Gifts

Let’s face it. You are not Santa. Even Santa misses gifts. Even Santa second guesses what gifts to give. Even Santa needs to rush. Even Santa needs money. Even Santa… well. Santa is not real. Your family are. Your friends are. And there is no torture more excruciating than a loved one’s rant on a missed Christmas gift.

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To save you (and Santa) unneeded emotional turmoil, here are some gifts that would never bring you down.

  1. A Gift Card

Giving money as present is the easiest route. That is, for a kid. It would be a great insult to give your uncle a couple of bucks to buy himself some beer, I mean, gift.

A gift card is probably the best way to get around this. It is still giving money but in a more acceptable manner. Gift cards from malls and gas stations or spas are genius gifts. 

  1. Books

A good book goes a long way, even for non-readers. By non-readers, I mean those who abhor books. In fact, it is the best way to open them up into the world of bookery, full of wonder and mystery. Books have their way of sticking in a person’s life for good.

Choose a great book that fits the receiver’s interest. Who knows, you’ll might actually introduce a new world to a loved one.

  1. A Coffee Mug/Tumbler

Everybody will need one of these at some point in time. Besides the fact that it will probably be easily available at that it comes in various designs and colors, this will be the easiest pick for you.

  1. A Good Bottle of Wine

Need we say more? It’s just right to share a bottle of happiness and health. Wine is accepted in almost all occasions, more so on this holiday. Just make sure it is not empty.

  1. A Candy Tree

Splurge on those chocolate and candy bars. Group them in such a way that they will resemble a Christmas tree. It would be fun to see the candy bar leaves fall one piece after another.  It is not every day you get to make trees grow and wither that fast.

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