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Ways to Control Bad Habits for a More Successful Career

Habits run people’s lives. How you behave has a direct effect on your attitude. Anyone can cultivate habits that can be very good for one’s success and well-being in total. However, there will be times that people may gain habits that can be very detrimental to their personal growth. These bad habits may then lead to stress, fatigue and break down—things that can hamper one’s way to having a successful career and life.
When you act like the person you’d like to be, then you’ll become that individual eventually. Your past failures in ridding yourself of bad habits are in no way an indication of any of your future performances.
Habits can be altered, but only if you are aware of how they really work and you’ve gained enough comprehension of the most effective ways to battle these not-so desirable actions. You should realize that bad habits are indeed hard to break, but they are even harder to live with. Below are some tips on how to start unlearning your bad habits and be on track to a better quality of life.

1. Create and celebrate small wins.

The most effective way towards making a permanent change is to focus and celebrate your daily improvements. Remember that progress even via small increments is still progress. Focus on weaning yourself from a bad habit by targeting goals that consistently lowers the amount of time you spend doing the said undesirable habit.

2. Go on digital sabbaticals.

Disconnect yourself from your gadgets, the internet, and the rest of the world. Do this for hours at a time.

3. Jot down your reasons on why you want to change your bad habits.

Putting it in writing makes it all the more official. Know your reasons and also list down the things that you expect to get from this experience.

4. Know your trigger points—the situations, feelings, and actions that make you

unleash those bad habits.
Is it boredom, anger, nervousness, insecurity, etc that leads you to engage in those habits? Once you’ve understood your trigger points, you can now then start saving your will power to counter those feelings as they come.

5. Commit to changing one habit at a time.

You’re no superhero, changing multiple bad habits at one go can be a tough task. Most people fail to manage a new routine inserted into their lives let alone multiple ones. So try focusing first on altering one negative habit and then move to the next thereafter.
Your take-aways:
Almost 40% of what people do on an everyday basis is habitual. Actions are performed based on specific reasons and habits are formed because the human brain is looking for ways to save efforts. When a habit is created, the brain slowly ceases to participate in decision-making thereby easing its load. However, that can be altered—you simply need to have the will, the time, the belief and the consistency to do so.

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